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LATEST NEWS – Our first campaign with a flagship comedian has ended and the lessons we learned outmatched the losses that resulted. Now we plan to approach 2019 in an organized fashion with all this newly acquired knowledge from the past 3 years.

We learned that in order for us to compete with legendary comedy houses like Def Jam (All Def Digital), we had to become corporate and operate the company like a Fortune 500 Corporation.

We think that people overlook and forget the fact that they are in a business environment when dealing with entertainers and ticket sales.

The company wanted to think big and consider the future when implementing a new points and rewards loyalty program where you can earn points for interacting, sharing, participating, buying merchandise, and attending events.

The future of entertainment is converting a fan base into a modern-day community where your fans contribute to you in exchange for the currency of “Laugh Out Loud Points”.

These points are similar to Starbucks points, Kroger points, and Dominos Pizza points as they are redeemable for free stuff or exclusive opportunities. 

It is widely believed that creating experiences for the forward thinking fans that are open-minded to “outside the box” events will be where the gold is. When taking events outside of the traditional venues it grants you the opportunity to set your own price point, control open bars, parking locations, music volume, and unique VIP access.

The Laugh Out Loud Tour is currently searching for viral friendly comedians that can take an act on the road and create excitement in new markets.

More details and information will be available soon.