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HOUSTON – The tour that circled the nation is back with a new line up. The pre-tour show is scheduled for May 11th at upscale venue “Forum Lounge”. This new venue is nested within the Willowbrook Mall and AMC 24 properties next to Brick House Tavern. 

The new featured comedians are well known in the open mic circuit throughout Texas. The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Tour sees great potential in Jessi Saldana and Ana Buenrostro as they were the focus of in-house talent scouts. The new era of this tour will be reflected in the talent development and technology competence of the company.

Jessi Saldana hails from Conroe, TX putting in work and developing material with a bulletproof hour like a seasoned headliner. Ana Buenrostro can entertain a room with her charm as she pushes her joke telling abilities in english and in spanish. Great things can be expected from these fresh comedians and newly developed corporate comedy company. 

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ALL EYES ON YOU – His 2 year tenure might be considered brand new in the comedy world but his work ethic says otherwise.

Jessi Saldana has been a familiar face in the open mic circuit averaging 10-20 open mics per month.

He was recently invited to a show with the Laugh Out Loud Tour to co-headline an event in Denver, Colorado.

The fresh comedian took the stage opening with an introduction of himself with childhood memories of racism.

He recounts a story of how he met racist “red necks” that he ultimately befriended because they were commonly racist towards each other.

Who knew that HATE could lead to LOVE and a killer set in front of beautiful people across the country?

This showed him that comedy could unlock friendships in unlikely places with unlikely people.

At the end of the show, he was greeted with applause, hugs, and handshakes. They liked him so much, a fan actually gifted him his very own beer mug with a giant picture of his face engraved on the side.

We see a bright future for this young comedian hailing from the small town of Willis, TX with a fresh style. 

He’s representing for all mexicans proud to wear cowboy hats, and sip canned beer in front of blue collar folks that see themselves in him.


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HOUSTON, TX It seemed like things were sharply inclining since the early years of the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Tour with alumni Comedian Trump. However, up until this year he was nowhere to be found aside from youtube. In an erratic fashion, he deactivated his personal social media accounts and stopped receiving phone calls. This created an unstable relationship with the company as communication dwindled. Since 2009, he has been watched over a million times via Chingo Bling skits or funny voice over videos. In 2014, him and Frank Lopez took a dive into the live comedy world taking a gigantic risk. “His first comedy show was a freestyle but the fans in Michigan gave him a standing ovation even though he had 0 standup experience.” This sparked an idea to build a whole tour around this newly established comedian. Frank Lopez was already touring the globe with his Compound Films brand and decided to lend his tour circuit to the fresh comedy venture. They were able to build the tour circuit to 22 cities with the help of local influencers in each market. Every year his hometown show in Houston grew larger and more prestigious going from upscale nightclubs, JWMarriot Picasso rooms to legendary venues like Warehouse Live. In 2019, the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Tour will expand the tour circuit with a brand new business model. Everything will be operated from the official website like fresh video content, event ticketing, monthly newsletters, and earn loyalty points for buying exclusive merchandise and attending shows. The staff at the Laugh Out Loud Corporation feel torn and saddened about the news but hope Comedian Trump returns to comedy in the year 2020. “We will always be grateful to him for allowing us to mold him into a comedian with all the potential in the world.” says Frank Lopez. The first show will feature the freshmen class of 2019 at the House of Blues in downtown Houston early 2019.

comedy, news
LATEST NEWS – Our first campaign with a flagship comedian has ended and the lessons we learned outmatched the losses that resulted. Now we plan to approach 2019 in an organized fashion with all this newly acquired knowledge from the past 3 years.

We learned that in order for us to compete with legendary comedy houses like Def Jam (All Def Digital), we had to become corporate and operate the company like a Fortune 500 Corporation.

We think that people overlook and forget the fact that they are in a business environment when dealing with entertainers and ticket sales.

The company wanted to think big and consider the future when implementing a new points and rewards loyalty program where you can earn points for interacting, sharing, participating, buying merchandise, and attending events.

The future of entertainment is converting a fan base into a modern-day community where your fans contribute to you in exchange for the currency of “Laugh Out Loud Points”.

These points are similar to Starbucks points, Kroger points, and Dominos Pizza points as they are redeemable for free stuff or exclusive opportunities. 

It is widely believed that creating experiences for the forward thinking fans that are open-minded to “outside the box” events will be where the gold is. When taking events outside of the traditional venues it grants you the opportunity to set your own price point, control open bars, parking locations, music volume, and unique VIP access.

The Laugh Out Loud Tour is currently searching for viral friendly comedians that can take an act on the road and create excitement in new markets.

More details and information will be available soon.