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Comedy Tour Returns in Tomball, TX

HOUSTON – The tour that circled the nation is back with a new line up. The pre-tour show is scheduled for May 11th at upscale venue “Forum Lounge”. This new venue is nested within the Willowbrook Mall and AMC 24 properties next to Brick House Tavern. 

The new featured comedians are well known in the open mic circuit throughout Texas. The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Tour sees great potential in Jessi Saldana and Ana Buenrostro as they were the focus of in-house talent scouts. The new era of this tour will be reflected in the talent development and technology competence of the company.

Jessi Saldana hails from Conroe, TX putting in work and developing material with a bulletproof hour like a seasoned headliner. Ana Buenrostro can entertain a room with her charm as she pushes her joke telling abilities in english and in spanish. Great things can be expected from these fresh comedians and newly developed corporate comedy company. 

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