The Return Of The Laugh Out Loud Tour Proves Successful

The tour criss crossed the midwest visiting charming markets like Holland, Michigan – Joliet, Illinois – Hobart, Indiana. Fans were taken aback by hearing the news that actor Noel G aka Hector was doing full fledge stand up comedy. The announcement also stirred up the promoters like excited fish in a pond. The phone calls started pouring in and the curious clicks on our website started to trample in.

The fans were excited to meet the new comedians in our former markets and snap pictures with Hollywood actor Noel G after the hilarious shows. Comedian Ana Buenrostro takes the stage and gets a big clap from all the ladies in the crowd. Her irresistible charm has overtaken the town’s hearts as they hang on to every word from this small and loud Dallas girl.

Headliner Jessi Saldana sat quietly backstage bearing only a calm grin and a cold Modelo beer in a can. Noel G announces his name and out he appears in a freshly pressed suit and a Texas sized black cowboy hat. The crowd gives him a loud applause and off he goes with big laughs that tip your drinks over. He kept the town laughing for about an hour straight telling hilarious stories of racism and small town folk.

The weekend ended with success and new opportunities for all comedians involved as the tour is now setting dates for new cities in new states.